Sew Good

Bad pun, I know. It also has a clever double meaning. While I am saying how good it is that I’m sewing agian, you the audience, will be thinking how good the workmanship is. Or not. Frankly. I don’t care because it IS good to be sewing agian.

A recent bout of illness has left me with little energy and all the plans I had for sewing and art stuff have been put very much on hold, especially as I couldn’t keep up with the writing stuff (note the highly technical use of the word stuff here. Obviously the word has a vastly different meaning when paired with art and with writing)

I have managed to get some work done, and I think I’m improving. I’ll leave that judgment up to you. I have also downloaded plenty of new patterns to keep me busy for a while.

Without further ado, may I introduce my new creations-


This is my little Welsh dragon, made from a pair of leggings for a two year old, that I picked up for £1 at Asda.

It’s actually red, but no matter how I photographed it, against what background, it just comes out orange.


Tiger Lily the spiky cat. Made with a baby’s t-shirt I bought in the same sale for £1. both used scraps of felt for the decoration but that was it.

I’m quite fond of my kitty. He nods his head and scares the real cats (with a bit of help of course)

And finally, my all times favourite so far, made from the same leggings as the dragon and my third find at the sale, a pink t-shirt.