Nature’s Jewellery Store

My son, Efan, has recently taken up photography. He has a natural flare and an artist’s eye so watch this space as this boy is going places. and not just with his photography!

Yesterday, we went for a walk. It was a pretty crappy place, to be honest. The surroundings were beautiful, with an old oak forest and lake nearby. However, the place we went to was basically a bit of scrap ground with some sheds. Even here, however, Efan managed to take some spectacular shots.

I’m not the best photographer, and I don’t have the fancy camera he does, but, while he was taking shots and wandering around, I wandered too.

It’s amazing how much beauty can be found around us in the most unlikely places if we only open our eyes and truly look. The trees in our scruffy little corner were basically either bare or scrubby, yet the dying sunlight through them, with the backdrop of a surprisingly (for the Welsh valleys) clear blue sky, was simply astonishing.

Despite, or maybe because, the sun having begun to set, the colours were so vivid it was almost as if they’d been painted┬áby a slightly over-enthusiastic artist. So many different greens. So many patterns, shapes and sizes.

Efan likes macro photography, mainly of flowers, their bright colours highlighted against a blurred background. He took some crackers yesterday, catching unexpected snails and insects. I, on the other hand, usually photograph landscapes, portraits and unusual features – the typical amateur photographer, I suppose. Yesterday, however, looking for vignettes for Efan, I looked around with different eyes. I looked more closely, and was astonished by what I saw.

There were too many things to discuss in detail, although the plethora of forms and colours of ivy in late summer might well be worth its own post. The thing that had the biggest impact on me was the grass.


I’m not girly girl by any stretch of the imagination, but I can appreciate a big of bling (although I’d never wear it!) What I found, when I looked closely at the grass, was a whole shop floor of clear, sparkling crystal that would, I think, satisfy the most demanding connoisseur.


They even had the velvet to display the diamonds on