Rainbow snippet – If Music Be

Charlie Cochrane - Mysteries with a dash of slash, romances with just a pinch of spice

This is from my contribution for the upcoming “Summer’s Day” charity anthology project!

The sudden ringing of Rick’s mobile jerked him out of his thoughts. Incoming call from one of his mates.
“Hello, Eddie. If you’re going to sing happy birthday, warn me in advance.” Eddie had never been able to hold a tune.
“Spoilsport. I’ll just wish you many happy returns, then. How are you doing?”
“Not bad. You?”
“Run off my feet, Rick. Got a new production coming up. You wouldn’t be interested?”
“Nah.” Rick’s am dram days were behind him.
“Can’t twist your arm?”
“Sorry to disappoint you, but my heart’s not in it anymore.” Not without Steve to cheer him on.

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Christmas in June

Here’s a snippet of my secondary WIP–a gay vampire Christmas story that I’m working on in between my main project sessions. In this snippet, Arthur, a proper Victorian nightwalker…

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Rainbow snippet – A man lay dead in winter

Charlie Cochrane - Mysteries with a dash of slash, romances with just a pinch of spice

This is one of the many stories you can download for free at my free fiction page.

It’s the first ‘proper’ story I ever finished and features a proto-Jonty and Orlando.

. He returned to find a supper laid for him on rough wooden trenchers, the wine poured into a single horn cup.

“We’ll have to share, Horace. Perhaps the cottager has taken his finest golden tableware with him to grace his kin’s table while they welcome the Christ child afresh.” Johannes smiled kindly. He knew that the finery he enjoyed at Horace’s manor was far beyond the reach of most of the people he walked this life with.

“If it snows like this all night we’ll have been so grateful for the shelter that I’ll send him a pair of the finest goblets I can rustle up. Truly, dead man or no, I do not think we would…

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