Holidays at Hogwarts

Last weekend we went on a trip to London, to the Werner Brothers studio tour of “The Making of Harry Potter”. It’s the third time we’ve been, but this time was quite different. It was “Hogwarts in the Snow”. Many of the exhibits were the same, but many had been transformed. It was so wonderful I almost don’t have words to express 😀

There were five of us this trip. Lori, my daughter, Hannah, her housemate, Efan, my son, his friend Seren and me. Of the entire group, only Hannah isn’t autistic and how she puts up with us I’ve no clue.

On arrival at the studio, you go into a lobby from which opens the shop, the restaurant and the entrance to the attraction. The lobby is surrounded by posters of the cast at various stages of their development but is usually empty.


This time, however, there was a wonderful addition


“Honeydukes” the main shop at HP is an amazing place. I was utterly blown away right from the first time by the fact that there is just as much detail and just as many treasures here as in the experience itself. The chocolate frogs are gorgeous. This, too has had a facelift for Christmas


The great hall also had an amazing facelift with this


Becoming this


Many of the tableaus and set interiors had Christmas Trees or other trimmings. I didn’t take as many photographs as I should have, but here are a few of the interiors, both decorated and not.


One thing that I particularly liked this time that wasn’t here before was the little demonstrations throughout the exhibition. For example there was one about wigs


and there was one about snow – how different types of snow, made from different materials (such a plastic, glitter, paper and silicone) were used for different effects.

All my favourites were still there, such as the wall of paintings with a video that explained how the effects of the moving subjects were achieved, and the interesting piece of information that members of the production team were models for quite a few of the paintings.

Being a geek, I particularly enjoyed the videos about make up, animatronics and special effects. I even like to browse the technical drawings.


One thing that caught my eye in the wardrobe department were these anime-like sketches of Ron and Harry.


An addition for this year, that I haven’t seen before is the Enchanted Forest, which is not for those afraid of spiders


At the very end of the exhibit is a 1/25 scale model of the entire castle. It absolutely fascinated me from the very start, and I spent ages looking at all the videos about how it was built



However, this was nothing to what it was this time and I will leave you with the breathtaking image of Hogwarts in the Snow!