Two Guys From Vancouver #rainbowsnippets

Dianne Hartsock

RAINBOW SNIPPETS (1)Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Today we meet meet Julian from Two Guys from Vancouver, my story for the Shakespeare Anthology, A Summer’s Day, coming later this year.

*  *  *

A shiver ran through Val. If he moved only a few inches he could be kissing that mouth that had been driving him wild all summer. And by the gleam in Preston’s brown eyes, he wouldn’t object, either. A shout on the still air shattered Val’s dream and he pulled away, scowling at the bottle Preston handed back to him. Julian approached them up the beach, Preston’s latest boyfriend, lithesome, lightly tanned, with gorgeous blond hair cascading to his shoulders.

Val hated him. Problem was, Julian was great, always laughing, genuinely kind.


Valentine has been watching Preston date man after man with never more than a brotherly hug for him. Finally, despairing that Preston will ever love him…

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